Paramount Roll takes the utmost care to ensure that we deliver a top-quality product. To that end, we have put the following systems and standards in place.

Quality Control Methods

A Quality Control person signs off on each and every job. Typically, we run the first pieces of material through the machine, do a first article inspection, then continue five pieces at a time.

Depending on the type of job and material, we may perform an inspection after each piece.

Documentation Control Methods

We have a rigid process to control the documentation used for each job, to insure that the material is in the right place at the right time and that any changes to the job have been duly noted.

All pertinent specifications are recorded on the work order, such as machines to be used, material description, length/width, number of pieces, radius, and special tolerances and instructions.

Each operator that handles the material signs off on the work they performed, and the Quality Control person signs off on the final inspection. The finished material is then checked against the original template to insure accuracy.

Operator Training

Our operators have an average of five years experience operating steel pipe, tube, beam and channel bending equipment, and each operator receives a quarterly review and evaluation of their quality performance.

All operators start out working with an experienced operator for one full year before operating a machine on their own. During this apprenticeship, each operator learns to properly read diagrams, set up machines and inspect for quality.

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