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Wine Cave Support

Bending metal for cave shields and beam support

We all know that wine must be kept over the years at a comfortably cool temperature to mature properly. To this end, people install wine caves. Like any other cave, a wine cave is a hollow area with a roof - a roof that needs support.

Paramount Roll and Forming provides that support, building metal shields to hold up the roofs of the wine caves, and by providing steal beams and girders ("ribs" or "ribbing") to support the shields and give them full strength.

The metal tubes or sheets that form the shield require bending into shpe. We mus also bend the steam beams that prodive support.

Wine caves might not be Paramount Roll and Forming's bread and butter, but a little wine mixes well with the meatier projects we service. Whether it you need metal forming for a wine cave shield or bending beams for tunnel ribbing or bending pipe for a pipeline, you can count on us.

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