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Our Steel Forming Process

How We Bend Steel Tubing and Steel Beams

There are many ways to bend steel and other metals. The methods we use to bend steel tubing, pipes, angles and beams are: Roll forming, Press, Mandrel and Table Forming. Here are short descriptions of each steel bending process:

Roll Forming (Steel Rolling)

Rolling uses an appropriate size die that adjusts to the steel tube, angle, pipe, channel, bar or steel beam. Pressure is applied as the material passes through the machine to bend the tubing or the beam to the desired radius.

Roll forming is effective when the material must be bent a great deal — it can produce bends up to 360 degrees. This method is ideal for producing steel coils or to bend tubing for spiral staircases and the like.

Because rolling requires less set-up and uses pre-made dies, the cost is less than other ways to bend and form steel.

Mandrel to Bend Tubing or Pipes

Mandrel bending uses a metal shaft, or mandrel, fitted inside the steel tube or pipe. As the mandrel moves, it bends the metal around the appropriate sized die to form the radius.

Mandrel works best when the steel tube or pipe has a heavy wall and/or requires a tight radius because it prevents the material from rippling. Mandrel can only bend steel tubing up to 180 degrees, but it produces a bend that is uniform all the way up and down the pipe or tube.

Press to Bend Metal

The Press method bends steel by feeding the steel tube, pipe, channel, bar or steel beam through the press and applying pressure each 6 or 7 inches until the material is bent.

Press is used to bend bigger, heavier beams, pipes, channels, bars or tubes (24 to 36 inches and larger) that do not require a tight radius. Many of our competitors do not have this capacity.

This method is capable of producing large, load-bearing steel support beams used for schools, gymnasiums, malls and bridges.

Table Forming to Bend Pipes, Tubing and Beams

Using the Table Forming method, the steel tube, pipe, channel, bar or beam is laid out straight and the ends are pulled around the appropriate sized die to form the radius

Table forming is used to bend smaller, heavier steel tubes, pipes, channels, bars or steel beams that require a tight radius.

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