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Pipeline Bending and Rolling

Bending and Forming Piplines

People depend on pipelines every day, even of they never see them. But we see them and we know what it takes to put them together.

Pipelines are big, sturdy and difficult to work with. Moreover, they need to remain strong and durable beyond all doubt, once they are put to use - even after bending. That is why it is so important to bend them properly, when a bend or curviture is required so that the pipeline can follow the designated route.

The last thing you need is a rupture of some kind, along with the environmental and monetary costs that such a catastrophie entails

We have been bending and rolling industrial scale pipes since 1963, always maintaining top quality. Always maintaining top durability and maximum sturdiness.

We can bend any kind of metal you require, whether it is corrosion-resistent or stainless steel or a carbon-steel compound.

Paramount Roll and Forming uses heat induction bending to create the most flawless curves possible. Very important is that this allows us to create bends with minimum distortion possible - which allows the pipeline to maintain its strength and integrity. Induction bending also eliminates welded joints or mechanical joints, thereby minimizing the risk of any breech of the walls.

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