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Forming Tunnel Parts

Bending tunnel shields and metal pipes for support

There are many reasons people dig tunnels. Most frequently, we help utilities, such as electricity, telephone, natural gas, etc. deliver their services directly to households. Much of the time, these services are distributed through tunnels under the street. We fabricate some of the tunnel parts.

While much of the tunnels are straight, there are bends in numerous places. And many streets are curved, so the tunnels also must curve. That's where steel pipe rolling comes in.

We make sure that, even for tight bends and on gentle curves, the tunnels have "bore casing" (also called "tunnel shields") bent to the correct degree. Bore casing helps ensure that the tunnels remain strong, that they do not cave in - that the roof does not sink over time.

We can bend metal pipes up to 30 inches in diameter, to almost any radius required.

Utilities don't deliver their services only under residential streets. Subway tunnels also serve to transport numerous services, including air circulation, electricity and lighting. For instance, we handled the bore casing for the Los Angeles Metro Rail "Red Line" North Hollywood Extention.

Tunnel ribbing and beam support for tunneling strength

Tunnel support is also needed for moving water at times. When the community wanted to access the water from Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Hills, tunnel boring was put into action. We handled the bending of the tunnel shields and ribbing that had to support a great deal of physical stress along the Arrowhead Tunnels.

We can also provide beam support, because often tunnels require steel girders (called "tunnel ribs") to support the casing and the heavy weight of the ground above the tunnel. Such is the case for subways and highway tunnels. Such is the case with tunnels like the Arrowhead Project.

Naturally, those beams must follow the shape of the tunnel walls and ceilings (like ribs in your body). We bend beams with precision, maintaining the metal's strength. The steel beams fit the walls of the tunnel like a glove and hold them in place with the strength of Hercules, securing the integrity of the tunnel.

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