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Steel beam bending and rolling

We bend steel beams for builders here in Los Angeles and all over North America. Beams are the structural steel on which so many modern buildings claim their strength. Our metal forming process turns your straight beam into a curved beam to suit your design specifications.


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The skilled team at Paramount Roll and Forming is adept at bending steel beams up to 36 inches wide, maintaining the strength you expect from structural steel.

Our beam bending services

Here’s a summary of our metal beam bending services:

  • We can do 36" beam rolling.
  • We also supply aluminum beam bending services.
  • We can roll beams to changing radii and deflection.
  • We can do section bending, or roll the beam into a ring.
  • We can roll I-beams W30" by 108" the hard way on edge.
  • We can also bend metal Tee rings the easy way (stem up) .
  • We can bend I-beams and T-beams up to 21 inches the easy way.
  • We can bend metal Tee rings stem in or stem out, (the hard way) .
  • We can bend beams the easy way or the hard way, to form arcs or rings.
  • We can also do specialty beam bending, such as ellipses or spiral sections.
  • We can bend steel beams to reverse curves, for an undulating “wave” effect.
  • We can bend beams to a very tight curve, without distortion, or to a gentle curve.
  • We can do wide flange beam bending or narrow flange beam bending (also known as I beam bending) .

If you seek a reliable and skilled beam bending company, give us a call at 1-888-400-3883 for a free quote.

More details on bending structural steel beams

Most metal beams are straight, because most structures have straight walls and flat floors. But many architects design modern buildings with curved walls that require curved beams. California architects design many ceilings and roofs of commercial buildings and public spaces these days with curved surfaces. This means that steel beam rolling is needed to provide the support to hold these curved surfaces safely in the air.

When we roll steel beams, channels, bars, or tees, we take our time to do it right and make sure the metal retains maximum strength regardless of the deflection or whether the radii or the direction of the curve changes.

In some cases, this means cold rolling steel beams. In other cases, it means hot rolling, or “heat induction bending”. We’ll help you choose the beam bending service that matches your needs and priorities.

We have even rolled beams for wine caves and for rolled beams for tunnel support. This ribbing provides beam support for the shields around the caves and tunnels for maximum strength.

If you are at early stages of designing a bridge, wall or rooftop, and you are wondering what is possible, give us a call. We’ll walk through your options from the start, so that the structure you design will retain maximum strength once the beams are rolled.

Quality control for beam rolling services

We take quality seriously, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your curved beams and rings meet the highest standards for precision and strength.

We hire the most skilled metal forming team available. Day-by-day, we keep them trained and measure their performance. Our goal is to maintain the highest quality metal bending and rolling team in California.

We buy the best machines on the market. Like our team, we keep our machines maintained, so that they can deliver the most precise curves, measuring the radius to the architect’s or engineer’s exact measurements. We strive for minimal or no distortion, buckling, deformation or shrinkage, even when bending beams the hard way.

We use the bending process best suited to maximize strength and minimize distortion, shrinkage and buckling. Here are the three ways we can bend your beams:

  • roll forming
  • press method
  • table forming

We take our time to do it right. Whether hot rolling or cold rolling, there is an optimal speed to bending the metal so that it maintains maximum strength. This is critical in structural steel, for maintaining strength, avoiding shrinkage and protecting against deformities and distortion.

Once bent, we inspect the section, arc, beam or ring for quality control. We make sure that the roll forming process has produced the results specified in the work order.

We deliver! Not just quality, we also deliver your curved beam, tee or bar. Wherever you are in North America, we’ll get your newly formed metal pieces to the construction site – yes, we’ll even ship oversized loads.

Send us your sketches, your drafts, your CAD files or simply describe your specifications. We’ll be happy to work from wood or paper templates, if you prefer. Or, send us your steel beams to bend. We can work directly with you or with your metal supplier.

We’ve been serving builders, engineers, artists and architects across the USA about 1963. We’ve completed hundreds of large construction and development projects. In fact, it’s hard to drive through Los Angeles without coming across a curved wall or roof or metal public art project that we’ve worked on.

Our combination of steel forming experience and quality control, mean that we can deliver the best product for your building, bridge, tunnel, railway or other structure. To get your metal bending project started, call Paramount Roll & Forming at 1-888-400-3883 for a free quote.

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Metal and Steel-bending Samples

We show many samples of our quality metal-bending work on this website, from bending pipes and tubes under the ground to bending steel beams to support the roof over the heads of thousands. From caves and tunnels to towers and roller coasters. From structural strength to graceful aesthetics.

Feel free to browse through the pictures and descriptions. See how we have satisfied other clients. Then call us for a quote.

Sample of our metal pipe bending on a spiral staircase
Sample of our metal tube bending of a pedestrian bridge in Arizona
Sample of our steel beam bending on a retail building
Another example of bending beams supporting huge ceilings
Examples of bending metal for smaller projects

Paramount Roll & Forming has been bending steel here in Los Angeles, California, since 1963, and we have many more samples available from across the United States.

If you have a project that could be enhanced with a curved surface, whether it be a wall, rails, tubes or pipes, we can help. Whether the curved steel or aluminum you envisage is visible to onlookers or is cleverly used behind the scenes to support a curved wall, ceiling or overhang, we can help. We love bending steel and we love to see our clients smile at the clever structures that our steel-bending work can help them achieve.

We Want to Bend Your Steel

So if you have some steel bending or metal rolling work for us, let us know. We are waiting for your call to fulfill all your metal bending, steel forming and tube, angle, plate, beam and pipe rolling needs.

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