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Where in the world does steel come from?

We bend it, you use it. Like every other material, people take steel for granted, just assuming that it comes from somewhere nearby. The fact is that the United States is a big producer of steel, but it is not the biggest.

China is the biggest producer of steel in the world, producing over 1.5 billion metric tons per year. China is also the world’s largest steel exporter, so chances are that you pass by buildings, rail tracks, vehicles and other things made from Chinese steel several times each day.

Where does steel come from?

But wait! If the US produces steel, maybe Chinese steel is exported to other countries, right? Not quite.

It is true that the United States is the fourth largest steel producer, after China, the European Union and Japan, with India right behind us, gunning for fourth place. Interestingly, however, we don’t export all that much steel; what we produce, we use. This explains why South Korea, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France and even tiny Belgium all export more steel than the USA.

The story is quite different when it comes to imports, where we are just barely behind the European Union in first place. In other words, chances are that a lot of Chinese steel exports find their way into American structures, vehicles and tools.

Steel production by country


Last year, we speculated about steel production on the moon.  Well, not so much on the moon as all over the world using a lunar production method.  So far, no production on the moon, but we will keep you posted.

It’s a small world, growing smaller every day. Chances are the steel you walk by, often hidden under plaster and paint, plastic and fabric, is as multicultural as the crowds in Grand Central Station at rush hour.

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