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Impressive metal sculptures from around the world

Last month we introduced you to the giant metal dandelions adorning the new Juanita Tate Marketplace in South Central Los Angeles. We helped build these by bending the metal to the artist’s exact specifications.

Today, we would like to bring you a selection of metal art that we did not help create. This is just a sampling to celebrate the amazing versatility that metal offers.

Spider in Ottawa

The vast public plaza in front of Canada’s National Gallery sports a spider.  The somewhat gnarled creature overlooks the intersections of two of Ottawa’s main arteries.  It first appeared in 2005, and has remained ever since. It provides very little shelter from the sun or rain, but children love to play beneath it.


You might have heard of cyborgs, half human and half machine.  If there is such a thing as a cybird, this metal eagle sculpture is a pretty good representation of what one would look like.  It is composed almost completely from small metal objects fused together to become one bird. You can find more birds and fish in this style, at artist Joe Pogan’s website.

The Dollywood Eagle
On a larger scale, but without that air of science fiction, is the Dollywood Eagle. Metal Animation Studio Inc. of British Columbia created the larger-than-life bird that guards the entrance to the famous ‘Wild Eagle’ roller coaster since 2012. It’s wingspan is 42 feet and it weighs a diet-inspiring 8,000 pounds.

Here is the “making of” video:


What might gardeners and metal benders like us share in common?  An admiration of how curved metal beams form an integral part of the The British Heart Foundation Mending Broken Hearts Appeal Garden of 2011.  The red steel beams symbolize veins and arteries.


We’ve seen animals and we’ve seen gardens; now let’s enjoy a garden on an animal. This 43-feet tall West Highland terrier created by Jeff Koon might look like he’s made from 70, 000 fresh flowers, but underneath the colors lies stainless steel armature holding over 25 tons of soil and an internal irrigation system.  This sculpture has been all over the world, including the Rockefeller Center in New York City and the Bilbao Guggenheim

Cloud Gate

Perhaps the most famous sculpture on this page is Chicago’s Cloud Gate.  Lately Chicago has made a name for it’s giant public art projects, like the Marilyn Monroe umbrella statue (where people rush to get out of the rain, protected by her floating dress much better than by the spider in Ottawa).  Cloud Gate’s main feature is not itself, but rather what it reflects, which can be quite impressive.

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