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Since 1963, Paramount Roll and Forming has been in the business of bending steel and other metal for you.

Our skilled craftsmen provide structural steel rolling, forming and bending for use in these areas:

  • pipelines
  • industrial
  • structural
  • industrial
  • public art
  • aerospace
  • commercial
  • architectural
  • building pipes
  • manufacturing parts
  • transportation and vehicles

We work with architects, builders, engineers, project managers and even artists to create beautiful curved metal structures and surfaces. Every job is a custom job.

We bend tubes and pipes, channels and beams, tracks and railings. If it's steel, aluminum or any other metal, we can bend it to the precise measurements you need, eliminating distortion and buckling that other steel forming companies might struggle with.


"On time and on budget - again!"
"Beautiful, exactly the specs we asked for."
"Thanks for bending the beams so quickly."


We ship curved metal anywhere in North America. Oversize loads are not aproblem.

Structural Steel Bending and Forming

Here are some of the structural steel bending and forming services that we provide for our satisfied clients:

Steel beam bending and rolling

Steel beams are a mainstay of structural engineering. They bear weight. They hold buildings and bridges and tunnels and other structures up.

When you need curved beams, our skilled team can help. We can roll beams up to 36" wide.

We will bend your steel beams to your specifications. We take the time to make sure that all sections maintain the maximum possible strength. We help you ensure that the deflection of the rolled beams will bear as much stress a required.

If you have I-beams or T-beams you need bent, we can bend beam rings to 21" the easy way.

We can roll I-beams W30" by 108" the hard way. We can do 36" beam rolling, as well. Tee rings can be bent stem in or stem out, which are the hard ways. They can also be rolled the easy way (stem up). Note that if the stem is tall, the easy is sometimes not all that easy.

Paramount Roll and Forming specializes in bending beams to the tightest radii without distorting, buckling or shrinking the metal.

We bend beams of all kinds, including:

  • steel beam bending
  • reverse curve sections
  • aluminum beam bending

Read more about our beam bending services.

Call us at 1-888-400-3883 if you have steel beams to bend or roll.

Steel channel bending and rolling

Steel channels are often a key to the structural strength or a building - ceilings , walls frames. Much like beams, it is important to bend channels carefully, so that they maintain as much of their strength as possible once bent.

When you need curved channel segments, call us.

Our expert team bends channels up to 15" the easiest way, flanges out. We can roll channels up 15" with the flanges in, which is also considered the "easy way". If the flanged are tall, this could be hard to do without distortion or buckling, so we'll need to take a good look at the metal first.

We can also roll metal channels the hard way of the web to 18", rolling the channel on edge with flanges up.

Paramount Roll and Forming's team of machine specialists roll channels to the tightest curve without deformation, buckling or shrinkage.

This includes:

  • steel channel bending
  • reverse curve sections
  • aluminum channel bending

Call us for a free quote at 1-888-400-3883 if you have channels to bend.

Steel angle bending and rolling

There are three ways to bend angles, angle rings or angle segments. Heel in with both legs out, and heel out with both legs in are the easy ways. Heel up with both legs down is the hard way, especially to avoid shrinkage or distortion.

One leg in with one leg up and one leg out with one leg up are also possible, with the leg in being also a hard way.

Whichever way you need to bend your angles, we will do it with care to ensure minimum distortion or buckling.

When you need curved angle segments, give us a call.

We can roll angles up to 10" by 10" by 1". Our angle bending capabilities include:

  • steel angle bending
  • reverse curve angle sections
  • aluminum angle bending - with extreme caution to avoid buckling or distortion

Call us at 1-888-400-3883 if you have angle sections to bend.

Steel flat bar bending and rolling

Steel bars are supporting actors in many large structural projects. We create curved bars for you.

We can bend flat bar rings the easy way and the hard way. With neither flanges nor legs nor stems, bars are a simpler form to bend. Nevertheless, we still take great care to ensure a strong and precise finished product.

When you need curved angle segments, give us a call.

Our bar bending machinists can do the following:

  • bar rings
  • steel bar bending
  • rectangular tube rings
  • aluminum bar bending
  • reverse curve bar segments

Call us for a quote at 1-888-400-3883 if you have steel bars to bend.

There's more than one way to bend metal. We use four different methods, with different machines and differnt processes. What one we use depends on the material you provide and the specificatiosn you require. The process we sue will always aim to maximize strength and minimize distortion, shrinkage and buckling. Here are the four ways we can bend your metal:

  • mandrel
  • roll forming
  • press method
  • table forming

Metal Pipe Bending and Tube Bending

In additional to structural and architectural steel bending and forming, we provide other metal bending services, such as pipe bending and tube bending. Our capabilities in this area, honed from over four decades of experience, include:

Steel pipe bending and rolling

Paramount Roll and Forming is the expert in bending tubes and pipes. We bend pipes for so many uses, including pipelines, bridge supports, trusses and arches.

Aluminum pipes are often curved for use in signage, handrails, stringers and displays, as well as in vehicles and as conduits inside buildings.

Among the materials we work with when rolling pipes, we can do the following:

  • pipe rings
  • steel pipe bending
  • brass pipe bending
  • copper pipe bending
  • aluminum pipe bending
  • whole pipes or half pipes
  • stainless steel pipe bending

Our skilled craftsmen roll pipes with indiscernible ovality or distortion. Our pipe rolling capabilities go up to 10" SCH 80.

Metal pipe rolling is one of our specialties. Call us if you would like us to roll or bend pipe for you. We can ship anywhere in the USA and beyond. Here's our number: 1-888-400-3883.

Steel tube bending and rolling

Steel tube bending is one of the first things Paramount Roll and Forming began doing over five decades ago. We've been bending round tubes ever since.

When tubes are made of steel, they are often structural in nature. Hollow round tubes are the easiest to bend without creating a distortion. Their uniform shape to begin with makes a uniform outcome more likely.

Ask us about rolling tubes to the tightest radius possible - without buckling or distortion. Unlike most beams, we know that tubes sometimes have to curve in a very tight arch to fit into very close quarters.

When you need carefully curved tubing, give us a call. Ask us about

  • square tube rings
  • steel tube bending
  • any tubing bending
  • rectangular tube rings
  • aluminum tube bending
  • stainless steel tube bending

Our expert team is happy to roll your tubes or any size up to !8' by 18". Call us at 1-888-400-3883 if you have steel tubing or tube sections to bend.

Rectangular and square tube bending

Not all tubing is round. Square tubes and rectangular tubes serve many purposes, and sometimes they have to be curved.

There are several ways to roll square tubes and rectangular tubes. Rectangular tubes bend the easy way along their flat side. Square tunes bent along any side are also easy. Rectangular tunes bend the hard way on end.

One of the most challenging rolling jobs is to curve rectangular tubes with thing walls the hard way. The thin walls make the structure weak when placed under the pressure of the rolling machinery.

Square tubes can also be rolled diagonally. This can be tricky, because of possibly distortion or twisting.

We count on our expert team to roll the rectangular tubes slowly, carefully watching for the first signs of buckling or deformation. This is how we deliver uniform curves of impeccable quality.

Paramount Roll and Forming does rectangular tube bending:

  • square tube rings
  • rectangular tube rings
  • steel square tube bending
  • steel rectangular tube bending
  • aluminum square tube bending
  • aluminum rectangular tube bending
  • reverse curve square tube segments

When you need expert square tube bending, give us a call. We'll give you a free quote and a timeframe for delivery. You can reach us at 1-888-400-3883 if you have a rectangular tube to bend.

Steel round bar bending and rolling

Round bars are much like pipes, but they are solid rather than hollow.

Round steel bars or even round aluminum bars are solid. They maintain their strength when curved and are stronger than hollow material. They are uniform, so the metal bends easily. We can bend round bar rings to a very tight radius, with very little concern for deformation or distortion.

When you need round bar rings, give us a call.

Our round bar bending machinists do the following:

  • round bar rings
  • round steel bar rolling
  • reverse curve bar rolling
  • round aluminum bar rolling

Call us for a quote at 1-888-400-3883 if you have round steel or aluminum bars to bend.

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Metal and Steel-bending Samples

We show many samples of our quality metal-bending work on this website, from bending pipes and tubes under the ground to bending steel beams to support the roof over the heads of thousands. From caves and tunnels to towers and roller coasters. From structural strength to graceful aesthetics.

Feel free to browse through the pictures and descriptions. See how we have satisfied other clients. Then call us for a quote.

Sample of our metal pipe bending on a spiral staircase
Sample of our metal tube bending of a pedestrian bridge in Arizona
Sample of our steel beam bending on a retail building
Another example of bending beams supporting huge ceilings
Examples of bending metal for smaller projects

Paramount Roll & Forming has been bending steel here in Los Angeles, California, since 1963, and we have many more samples available from across the United States.

If you have a project that could be enhanced with a curved surface, whether it be a wall, rails, tubes or pipes, we can help. Whether the curved steel or aluminum you envisage is visible to onlookers or is cleverly used behind the scenes to support a curved wall, ceiling or overhang, we can help. We love bending steel and we love to see our clients smile at the clever structures that our steel-bending work can help them achieve.

We Want to Bend Your Steel

So if you have some steel bending or metal rolling work for us, let us know. We are waiting for your call to fulfill all your metal bending, steel forming and tube, angle, plate, beam and pipe rolling needs.

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